Introducing ACES – The First “Intelligent” Air Conditioning Energy Saver

We all use air conditioning. In fact, it's hard to imagine life without it. The level of comfort an air conditioner provides us with is vital to our everyday tasks. But what happens when you realise that your AC unit consumes way too much electricity and energy costs keep rising? Cutting down on your energy consumption is one way to go. But that would involve compromising on your comfort level. How about a solution where you don't make any compromises and still cut down on your electricity bill? Well, with ACES, now that's possible.

ACES is the result of years of intensive research and painstaking efforts that have gone into the design and development of a world-class product that not only guarantees you a huge reduction in energy consumption but also offers you significant savings in monetary terms. Depending on varying consumption patterns, ACES has the potential to offer you savings of up to 70% on your air conditioning energy costs. Designed exclusively for air conditioners, this device works with both, window as well as split air conditioner units.

Customised to suit the needs of different consumers, ACES has been designed to cater to 3 different market segments –