Do we really need Air Conditioning?

With temperatures soaring around the world, air conditioning has witnessed a significant surge in demand. Rising incomes and increasing affordability have made purchasing an air conditioner much easier. In fact, it is no longer considered a luxury but more of a necessity.

In India alone, the sale of air conditioners has been growing steadily by an average of 20% per year. In 2011, Asia-Pacific accounted for nearly 55% of global air conditioner sales and is expected to increase further up to 2017. Apart from sales, Asia represents the major production hub with around 70% of the world’s air conditioners being produced in China in 2011.

How much energy do Air Conditioners consume?

It is estimated that globally, residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning collectively accounts for energy consumption of nearly 1 Trillion kWh annually. Given the rapid growth in developing nations, this figure is expected to increase nearly tenfold by 2050.

Market analysts have estimated the global air conditioning market to grow at a CAGR of around 18.5% up to 2015 and expect global volume sales to touch 144.30 million units by 2017. This has opened up an auxiliary market with the potential for exponential growth – energy savers for air conditioners.

While the demand for energy has been growing significantly, additions to the installed capacity for power generation have not been able to keep pace. To address the challenge of reducing energy consumption and delivering greater energy efficiency for cooling systems, Rectus Energy has developed ACES – a highly efficient air conditioning energy saver.

ACES – Air Conditioning Energy Saver

ACES is currently the only air conditioner energy saver that can save you up to 70% on your air conditioning energy costs (guaranteed minimum savings of 30% under standard operating conditions). It is a highly versatile AC energy saver and can be used for commercial as well as residential applications.

ACES uses the primary principles of “rate of heat transfer” and “rate of rise in absolute temperature” to intelligently control the operation of the air conditioner. Designed using Real Feel technology, it monitors various parameters related to temperature and humidity to deliver the best possible user experience while minimising energy consumption.

Moreover, ACES can be installed with most types of air conditioners used in offices, commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and clinics, banks and ATM kiosks as well as residential homes.

Benefits of using ACES

  • Saves you a significant amount of money – up to 70% on your operational costs
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Increases the durability of your air conditioner
  • Works with all types of single Window, Split, Tower and Cassette air conditioners

Field Trial Reports

The table below shows results of live field trials conducted at different locations. Various test environments have been considered keeping in mind a variety of parameters related to temperature and humidity levels. To further ensure a diverse range of test conditions, all the tests were conducted between the months of March and October to factor in all kinds of weather conditions.

ACES - Live Test Results

All tests were conducted using split ACs with a runtime of 6 hours each, with and without connecting ACES Energy Saver to the air conditioner.


The results show significant energy savings when ACES Energy Saver is used irrespective of external weather conditions.

Some of the locations at which Live Tests were conducted

  • Bank of India, Pune
  • MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
  • Symbiosis International University, Pune
  • Greaves Cotton Limited, Pune
  • IVRCL Ltd., Pune
  • Cummins India Limited, Pune
  • Bajaj Auto Limited, Pune
  • Jehangir Hospital, Pune

Some of our renowned clients

  • Inamdar Multispecialty Hospital, Pune
  • Serum Institute of India Limited, Pune